Portable inkjet printer

The price is $4,000.00


H590 handheld inkjet system
Whether it is front spurt, or down spurt, full range, the angle of the ink, to meet the needs of production.
Native operation or PC editing optional;
Color touch screen, WYSIWYG, easy to operate;
Built in massive Chinese fonts, dot matrix fonts, printed fonts, character height, point size, arbitrary settings,
The unique security Cuanhuo font meet demand.
H590 handheld inkjet system
Industrial protection level is high, adapt to all kinds of dust, humidity and other harsh industrial environment, sturdy and durable.
Anti clogging nozzle design, ensure that the nozzle is not easy to be blocked and run for a long time without failure; multiple nozzle protection, avoid nozzle by scraping and rubbing, hit the head injury; reliability compared with other similar inkjet printing system, greatly improve the working reliability.
A wide range of ink. Multi formula ink is available to meet all kinds of adhesion, drying speed and various requirements. It can be sprayed on plastic, glass, metal, paper, wood and so on. It has strong adhesion, clear and bright colors;
H590 handheld inkjet system
At present, it is widely used in building materials, wine making, beverage, electronics, auto parts, food, daily chemicals, medicine, rubber, postal and other industries.
Main technical indexes:
Jet printing ability:
Speed: up to 40 meters / minute height: 1.8-18mm line number: no limit font: more than 10 kinds
Jet printing function:
• characters are positive, reverse, inverted, adjustable, dot size, word width, and word height
• jet printing delay adjustable • font bold 1-9 times
- date, time, number, frequency - bar code can be set
• automatic repeat printing + information can store more than 1000
Ink type:
• water-based ink - oil-based ink + mixed base ink, quick drying
• ink color: yellow, white, black, red, purple, green, blue
• other special ink: • edible ink, UV ink, anti scouring ink......
Power requirements: 220V + 10% 50/60Hz 6W
Environmental conditions: temperature: 5-40 degrees C humidity: 10-90% (non condensing)
Interface: USB, synchronizer
Size: 200x90x155mm
Weight: host: 1100g
The above technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice

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