Large character ink jet printer

The price is $4,000.00


Font size and line number:
16 dot matrix machine: height 20-60 millimeter adjustable, Chinese character 30-60 millimeter adjustable. Width arbitrary adjustment
You can print single Chinese characters and double digits or English
Operation interface: all Chinese operation interface
Save information: 1000, each message can enter 36 32 dot matrix Chinese characters or 72
16 Chinese characters or 144 7 digit numbers or English
Software features: real-time date, clock, print batch, count, number, font, upside down
Left and right flip, adjustable pressure, automatic cleaning, simple graphics
Printing speed: 0-120 meters per minute
Print distance: 5-30mm
Status display: red indicator light when printing
Screen display: display all print parameters, at a glance, a key change settings
Jet printing material: permeability or impermeable material can be
Use ink: quick drying ink
Power supply parameters: 220V and 50HZ, average power consumption is less than 100W
Data transfer: USB
Use environment: temperature, -20 degree, -50 degree, humidity 30%-70%

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