Laser ink jet printer

The price is $20,000.00


Overall technical index
1: input power: 220V 50HZ, laser output power 0-20W adjustable continuously.
2: the operation interface is displayed in chinese. Windows operating system
3: according to the setting, the number can be automatically converted according to the number of settings, the marking parameters can be adjusted conveniently, and the marking parameters of a plurality of products can be stored.
4: serial port and network port open, easy to line with the production line.
5: shell and control cabinet are made of stainless steel.
6: character type: Letters (Multilingual), Chinese characters, graphics, symbols, with sequential printing and serial number printing, characters: 0.3mm----80mm.
7: print orientation: not less than 0-90 degrees adjustable, characters can be vertical online printing.
8: scan range: 110mm x 110mm (Kuan).
9: host, laser head as a whole, the whole structure, flexible movement, positioning firm, air-cooled cooling, higher than the protection level of IP56. The control cabinet protection grade is greater than or equal to IP56
10: equipment runs stably, and the photoelectric sensor (OMRON) has high recognition ability, wide range and good stability.
11: equipment conforms to the original, new, national requirements, industry and user related quality standards;
GMP standard for drug production (no pollution, easy cleaning, etc.); symbol bidder; product process quality;
Meet the environmental protection, safety, national standards, national standards against leakage, dust and exhaust emission measures.
12: equipment size and weight: laser part 780x160x150, bracket 1000x800x1200, control cabinet 450x480x830. (unit: mm) total weight 120Kg.
13: voltage and power: rated voltage of 220V power is less than 300W

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